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Realtor Programs

Ace Mortgage is proud to offer special programs designed to assist realtors in closing more sales.  Anyone can close the easy traditional deals including us.  But we pride ourselves on having sources to do those tough deals that your current lenders don't/won't to address these scenarios.  Below are some of the programs that we feel will help you sell more homes by using our outlets:

  • Extended lock - this program is great for your builder relationships as it will allow a potential buyer to lock in an interest rate for up to 12 months to prevent them from being concerned about rising interest rates.  This will ultimately help you and your builders sell more houses.
  • Rural properties - not the USDA R/D loan you may think of.  This program allows your buyer to secure financing on those properties where the land value exceeds the home value which most lenders won't do which causes those borrowers to resort to high interest short term loans with local banks.
  • Sub 620 Fha - most lenders won't accept borrowers with scores below 620.  Worldwide Mortgage has secured several investors that will provide traditional FHA loans for those buyers meeting certain criteria.  Those restrictions are very reasonable and rates/fees are similiar to market standards.
  • Homesteps/Homepath/$100 FHA -  although these programs are not unique to Worldwide, many lenders won't participate in these aggressive loans.  These allow for REO properties to be purchased with very low down payments, eased qualification process, and no appraisal required. 
  • Reverse Mortgages -  This may not assist you in selling homes today, however by having an outlet for your past clients or their relatives, this will solidify your relationship with them which may lead to future sales/listings.
  • Construction loans/ 203K Rehab -  we can offer traditional construction loans for rehab/renovation loans and are a FHA 203K approved lender to help with purchases with limited down payment requirements.
  • Purchase money second mortgage -  If your buyer still wants to do an 80% first mortgage to avoid PMI but only has 10% down, we have sources that will do a 10% second mortgage for qualified buyers.


Call our originator staff today for specifics on any of special programs or for quotes on standard loans.  You can also have your buyers apply online 24/7 for fast pre-approvals for your contract submission to the seller.